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457 visa fees as of 1st September 2013. The Australian immigration department (DIAC) announced new fees for the application of a 457 visa. Applicants aged 18 or over $1035.00 per applicant. Children (under 18) $260 per child; payable upon submission of the visa application.

If relocating from the UK or Ireland, a visa of some kind will be necessary. This is a complex area, with several pitfalls for the unwary. The rules and regulations are regularly changing and it is essential applicants meet the requirements as laid out by the Australian Government under current legislation.

Our Australian registered migration agent Lee Courington, who is a director of our partner company One World Migration provides a full range of visa services and support.

Our services include: Visa applications (Temporary and Permanent) Preparation of all supporting documentation, Sponsorship management, Liaison with immigration departments, Updates on legislative changes and obtaining appropriate visas.

With 100% success rate Live The Dream will not take on your application unless we have assessed you as meeting the visa requirements and have the necessary work skills to satisfy the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Live The Dream – General Skilled Migration visa classes:


  • Skilled State/Territory Nominated - visa class 190. This visa class is for applicants who are sponsored by a state or territory government. The visa is also permanent and places emphasis on you residing in the nominating state or territory.

  • Skilled Independent- visa class 189. This visa class is for applicants who do not wish to be sponsored by a state or territory government or close relative. The visa is permanent and will allow you to live anywhere in Australia.

  • Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (provisional) - visa class 489. This visa class is for applicants who are sponsored by a close relative who resides in a specified regional or designated area of Australia. The visa is valid for a period of 4 years but after 2 years you can apply for a permanent visa if you have lived for 2 years and worked full-time for at least 1 year in a regional or designated area of Australia.


The above visa classes all require you to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) in order to receive an invitation to lodge a visa application.


There are many things to consider before you lodge an EOI but our experience and knowledge will ensure that you maximise your potential to receive an invitation to apply for a visa.


  • Do I have the potential to pass the points test

  • Will I need to pass the IELTS test

  • Are there any health & character issues which could lead to refusal of my application

  • Will my skills and qualifications be recognised by the relevant assessing authority

  • Which state or Territory do I wish to reside in

  • Is my nominated occupation on the state or territory government skills list

  • Can I satisfy nomination criteria (each state and territory is different)

  • Is my relative eligible to sponsor me

  • Do I have the relevant and recent work experience in my nominated occupation

  • Can I provide verifiable evidence of my employment history

  • Have I got sufficient funds to transfer to Australia

  • Do I have alternative visa options if DIAC policy changes before I apply


Free initial assessment


Telephoning Live The Dream Australia for a free and no obligation assessment means that you will not have to complete a questionnaire and provide countless answers to questions which are irrelevant to your own circumstances. You will, however, speak to an experienced and knowledgeable migration manager who will ask all the right questions to determine your potential eligibility. There is no charge for this service and you can rest assured that the advice provided will examine all visa pathways and options available to you.


If we have determined that you have the potential to be granted a visa to reside in Australia we will send an email to you confirming the recommended pathway for your consideration.


Live The Dream deals with a number of high profile employers and recruiters and if your work experience matches their current requirements you will also be informed of potential positions available.


As a migration management company we will also assist you with all aspects of your move in addition to completing your visa application